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Our Workshop enrollment covers 18 hours of one on one  NEC education. Our meetings are held at 301 Merritt 7 Complex in Norwalk, CT. Meetings are provided to anyone who has a relative understanding of the Electrical Industry. Our classes are CT ODEM approved. We take training very seriously. If you need to increase your NEC knowledge, you've come to the right place.  



 All students receive a 42 page workbook with over 120 Illustrations and NEC commentaries. 


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Our Students receive specific advance training about the NEC & other related codes. CENA's Training is in-depth and precise about learning how to use the NEC. This training is for those who want to increase their knowledge on using the NEC code better & also understand the electrical industry. With the standards that keep changing, CENA keeps our students up to date with the fast moving trade. Our Students are given extra attention in understanding the National Electrical Code. 


Workshop students benefit from online training


Dinner served for all students
Enroll now and see the NEC more clearly


Our dinner is served at about 6:45 pm in the 1st floor cafe dining  area. Merritt 7 has a quiet seating area reserved for us that gives our students 30 minutes to break and enjoy our fine cuisine.  Our meeting continues there after.


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