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Electrical NEC exam preparation

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Online Electrical exam preparation is now available.  Now you can prepare everywhere. Are you an early riser or may be a couch potato? Whatever your preference, we can serve your needs. Don't come to us, we'll come to you.  We have everything you need to prepare for your electrical exam. It includes over 400 NEC test questions based on the 2014 or 2017  NEC, including many OSHA questions and videos with break down calculations and word for word comprehension. CT business law preparation for contractors exam. All online courses are a  30 day program 24 hours a day. Page timers are built into every test quiz. Answers are in hidden windows so you can gauge your accuracy.
Using todays technology, you now have a major advantage studying for your exams. No more traveling to late night classes after work. Study in a quiet environment that is convenient for you. Our material is designed for students to learn, comprehend and prepare how to achieve the best score possible. All customers can schedule a question conference by clicking on our Got a Code Question tab. You are never alone with our online exam prep course.
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