Workshop 2022 online schedule 


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Our Online Live Workshop schedule for 2021 is provided below. Our meetings begin at 6:00 pm sharp and finish at 8ish pm.
All students must be registered to access our workshops. Anyone can join in. Purchase must be made prior to registration. A 2 hour workshop is held every month on a scheduled Monday evening. All participants must receive an invitation after purchase by email. Our workshops are detailed with NEC training and interaction.
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CT Inspectors OEDM approvals

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Monday Night Schedule

NEC 2020.001.png
January 31

Workshop #1

Work Clearances


Work space


Equipment space


NEC 2020.001.png
February 21

Workshop # 2

Romex Cable

Use Permitted



NEC 2020.001.png
March 28

Workshop # 3


Circuits required


Mixed uses

Commercial and dwellings