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Welcome to our online electrical video training page. If you need to increase your electrical knowledge about the NEC, then scroll down and use the red button to preview our video gallery.
These videos are specifically prepared for Licensed Electricians, Apprentices, Electrical Inspectors, Home Inspectors and Electrical Engineers. All videos focus on explaining and teaching the rules in the NEC in practical manner.
Video channels are prepared for anyone to view.
 All topics are alphabetized by trade subjects.
All devices are welcome to view our video library.
All videos are based on the 2020 and 2023 NEC. Full color and quality illustrations to explain the complex code sections step by step. Currently over 130 hours of training.

To learn more, watch our video.

Lean the NEC anywhere like no where else

Electrication is
only at

The Electricater
We have developed a new fast Digital navigator
Use your device to navigate the NEC requirements
Scroll from topic to topic and tab to a specific item.
In your palm you can find answers and comply with the code like no where else.


Electrical Topics

These job topics are for ELECTRICATION customers or Workshop program subscribers only.
All of our video's are now on one page.
Use the red button to access.

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