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Electrical Exam Prep

Sign up here for CENA's online Electrical Prep code course. This is a self guided online course for preparing students taking their Electrical exams. Our online prep course will get you ready to take any electrical exam that is based on the NEC code. We have hundreds of test questions which are carefully prepared to test the ability of the user's understanding of the NEC code book. We identify key words in the questions and the NEC which helps make progress resulting in increased timing on exams. There are numerous videos which breakdown more difficult questions. It's like having your instructor right there with you going over each part so you will get a clearer comprehension of the material.  This course is an advanced level for students who have had prior training in the electrical industry. Please watch our videos below to have a better understanding of what we offer.

We hope you enjoy this online program for preparing you for taking a NEC electrical exam.

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