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The Electrical trade has many areas hard to master. Not all apprentices get a full education in the industry. Most learn residential and some commercial. The electrical needs of all electricians require a deep understanding of the NEC. Our self guided courses simplify the NEC and the industry all in one training session. Apprentices are encouraged to become a CENA site member and start learning our material while in trade school. We will enhance your learning ability. Our step by step teaching process simplifies the NEC like no where else. Don't wait. Start today, open the door to an easy way to learn the NEC more clearly. Learn anywhere.

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Licensed electricians struggle to keep up with the electrical industry. Long hours and accelerating work projects lead to reduced time to learn. We have developed any easy way to gain fast knowledge on demand while keeping higher quality learning. Electricians must keep up with the changes and require organizing their education. Our online alphabetical library makes it easy to search for a subject and get fast A-Z training based on job titles. Imagine 2 clicks and you get accurate answers how to comply with the NEC. How can you afford not to be involved on our online ELECTRICATION training? Start now.

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Inspectors are required to know more than everyone. But how can they keep up with this industry. We provide NEC courses that simplify some of the most difficult code sections. Our courses increase hard to understand areas even if the individual never experienced that type of work. Knowing the answer on demand is very stress full. We can help relaxed an inspectors anxiety when dealing with the NEC confusing requirements. We clarify and identify the inspectors electrical needs so they can preform their duties with confidence. See the NEC more clearly. Start today.

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Engineering demands have increased greatly. For any one person to keep up with the fast moving industry, hours of training is required. We can help engineers to understand NEC terms and applications of hard to understand areas of the trade. All engineers have a difficulty seeing a project the way a tradesman may. Getting on the same page is a necessity in order to design a safe electrical installation. We have plan review and design courses and other material targeted to increase knowledge and comply with the NEC along with the industries materials and products. Certify your electrical knowledge with us. Start no

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