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Electrical Online Workshops

  • Best Value

    Workshop Program

    Every month
    Live & Video - All Electrication page material
    • Subscription includes:
    • Live NEC monthly workshops webinar on Zoom
    • Previous recorded workshops 2 hour
    • ELECTRICATION Page Videos 120 hours
    • CT OEDM approved CEU credit for "Live Workshops only"
    • All live Code Updates
    • Inspector credit CEUs CT OEDM approved
    • Digital slide job topics
    • Unlimited 24 hour a day access to online training
    • This subscriptions is the best choice for all offerings
  • Electrication Video Library

    1 Year access to The NEC training library
    Valid for one year
    • Include The ELECTRICATION video library
    • Over 50 videos produced by CENA
    • More than 120 hours of prerecorded training videos
    • Pay once a year for uninterrupted video training service
    • This purchase is only for video channel access
    • This plan does not include any live webinars.
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