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Workshop Program Subscription - "NEW"

NEW Subscription program.

This program features our live workshops each month 2 hour in length. We live stream on Zoom. Your access begins from purchase date to the workshop channel. All participants require registration before access to our online meetings. We Cover the NEC training in full, using your code book and learn to search and find answers. This is a recurring program until cancelled. If you miss the live meeting, no worries, all meetings are recorded to watch later. We updated our 6 month program to this new continuing online access. On May 21, 2021 we now offer this plan and no longer the 6 month program.

$30..00 per month

Includes all videos and monthly live meetings
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1 Month Workshop
Includes one Live workshop
Check the schedule page for up coming topics

This purchase includes one 2 hour workshop. Check our current schedule for live stream on Zoom. One month access from purchase date to the workshop channel. All participants require registration before accessing our online meetings. Covering the NEC training, using your code book and learn to search and find answers. Includes additional videos online on helpful subjects. Includes video recorded workshop accessed anytime within the 30 day coverage.If you miss the meeting, no worries, you can still watch the recorded program anytime within the 30 day period. 


covers 1 month meeting
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All of our recorded workshop videos and more are located here at our Electrication page. Watch our uninterrupted non-commercial videos on national electrical code training wherever you are whenever you need.  Each course is a video of our alphabetical job topic list. Quality assurance testing is available. Our testing course part is indicated on each topic. Recommended for all who need to increase their NEC knowledge base on job topics. Certificates are available at the end of completion page. ELECTRICATION is electrical education provided by CENA LLC.

Only here at Time4cena.com can you find this kind of material on the World Wide Web.

$250 course

Over 20 topics and more coming