Connecticut 4 hour Electrical CEU's

Connecticut 4 hour Electrical CEU's

CENA provides the following services 

Online CEU Course

Now available online CEU course 4 hour using Zoom INC.

Participant must use desktop or laptop.

No cellphone access permitted.

This offering is for anyone with a internet connection and camera feature

Stay in your comfort zone while you learn this year's important requirements.

Participants can ask questions and download notes. 

Each student must have a valid email to register. 


Classroom in Person

We provide a comfortable atmosphere:

  • Quality seats with plenty of space

  • Large screen

  • HDMI projection

  • Video presentations

  • Digital High Definition Sound

  • Instructor H D mic for crisp sound

  • Pens provided for note taking

  • Organized registration

  • Plenty of breaks to keep you refreshed



C.E.N.A.'s 4 hour code course includes:

  • 4 hours with our instructor Salvatore Cenatiempo

  • 1/2 hour CT general statues and safety

  • 3 1/2 hours of the 2017 NEC changes chapters 1-3

  • 2018 CSBC supplement

  • Comparing previous NEC to the current addition

  • Revised corrections with NEC



Our CEU Instructor:

  • Salvatore Cenatiempo

  • Over 30 years of trade experience

  • Electrical training instructor since 1999

  • CT resident

  • Current Electrical inspector since 1997

  • Licensed electrician since 1995

  • Code graphic designer

  • Video training developer



C.E.N.A. provides a high quality color illustrated publication for all students:

  • Complete book for in classroom comprehension

  • Electrical code commentaries

  • CT required general statues

  • CT supplement changes

  • Safety tool talks

  • illustration on 2017 NEC chapter 1-3

  • Color graphic illustrations

  • QR code short cut to our web page

  • Downloadable for online CEU students

  • PDF download for online students


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