Electrical Code Online Course

     Welcome to our online electrical training course. This is a page by page course. All participants are required to finish the course to the end in order to receive a certificate. To start the course press the green button on the screen with your mouse arrow. Your keyboard will not function anywhere in the window frame. Note: if you refresh the page after you start, you will be restarted to course back to the beginning. We do not track your time or movement through this course. So follow all instructions given to you from our video and this page before starting.

     There is a timer to help you keep track of your time. It starts a soon as this page is open. Make sure you clear your browser and reset any computer functions that may slow down your performance. This is a copyright protected web site, so please respect our material in its place. We thank you for choosing CENA online electrical code course. Enjoy your education here at time4cena.

                                       Thank you.....

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